Days of the Week

Thailand uses the same calendar as the west. There are 12 months a year and 7 days a week. The 7 days are named after the sun, the moon and the five nearest planets. This means if you learn the days of the week then as long as you can remember the association, you have the added bonus of learning the names of 7 celestial bodies.

Sunday wan ah-tit Sun pra ah-tit
Monday wan jan Moon pra jan
Tuesday wan ang-kahn Mars daow ang-kahn
Wednesday wan poot Mercury daow poot
Thursday wan paruhat Jupitur daow paruhatsabadee
Friday wan sook Venus daow sook
Saturday wan sao Saturn daow sao

The Thai word for day is 'wan'. It is put at the start of the name of each day.

You should note it is easy to associate some of the days with their celestial body. The celestial body for Sunday is the Sun, for Monday it is the Moon and for Saturday it is Saturn.

Associated Words

daow star or celestial body
pra buddha image or monk
(is more esoterically associated with celestial bodies and it is used as the prefix word for the sun and moon.)
pra jao God
wai pra pray
daow dtok shooting star
ah-tit week (informal)
sapdah week (formal)
sao ah-tit weekend (informal)
soot sapdah weekend (formal)


mah jahk daow ang-kahn - comes from mars. A joke term to say something or someone is strange.






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