an general classifier (you can use it for small objects if you cannot remember the right classifier)
baht Thai currency
bai paper, leaves, tickets, hollow objects such as cups, bowls, hats, some fruits
bot lessons, songs, verses, etc
chabup documents, letters, newspapers etc
chanit types, kinds
chin pieces of meat, cloth, etc
choot suits, dresses, sets of things, teams
doo-ang stars, lights, stamps, etc
dork flowers, patterns on cloth
dton trees, posts, etc
dtua animals (and other objects with arms or legs such as shirts, trousers, chairs and tables)
forng eggs
gae-oh glasses (of drink)
gorn stones, cakes, clouds, lumps
gorng piles of things
hairng places, department stores
hor parcels, wrapped things
horng rooms
kahng legs and arms
kanaht sizes
kan vehicles
kon people
koo pairs of things (shoes, socks, etc)
kreu-ang machines, tools, utensils, etc
kuat bottles (of drink)
lem books, cutlery, umbrellas abd things with handles
lum boats, planes, long hollow things
lung houses, buildings, rafts
met pills, seeds, grains, etc
muan cigarettes, rolls of paper, rolls of lino
nah pages
pairn discs, records & other flat objects
panairk departments or sections
pon fruit
reu-an clocks, watches
reu-ang stories, subjects
rong buildings such as factories, hotels, cinemas
roop pictures, statues
sai string, rope, wires, roads, rails, etc
see teeth, ribs, fence poles
sen noodles, hairs, fine stands
sorng envelopes
tae-oh lines, rows
toong plastic or paper bags, sacks, purses
yahng ways, methods, types

This is not a complete list. There are many ways to use classifiers and common words may occassionally be used as classifiers.




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