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Japan job market at best level in 26 years

TOKYO - Job availability improved in Japan in March to a level last seen more than 26 years ago, government data showed on Friday, with companies hunting for workers in a tight labour market.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 10:50 pm

Virtual reality hits the gym

Tokyo: Johannes Scholl is betting virtual reality can keep people excited about working out.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 9:17 pm

Consumer debt revs up

Thai household debts rose to the highest rate in eight years because of debts accrued from previous years, according to the latest survey by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC).

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 8:06 pm

Government allots B30bn for welfare e-payments

The government estimates it will spend an annual budget of 30 billion baht to finance welfare provisions and subsidies for the poor through the national e-payment system.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 7:48 pm

Media bill fails to win PM's support

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha says he personally disagrees with a controversial bill to regulate the media industry proposed by the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) media reform panel but is waiting for the public to have its say.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 6:00 pm

ICAO: Asean's airports subpar for tourist economy

Asean countries need to accelerate investment in basic infrastructure development to accommodate the 6.5% annual growth in international tourist arrivals, says the head of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 5:40 pm

Asean regains its mojo

MANILA - This time a year ago, Southeast Asian nations risked descending into squabbling over how to handle China's assertiveness in their region.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 5:21 pm

Are Thais getting the dictators they deserve?

For a society that has overthrown two military dictatorships over the past two generations, what has been happening in Thailand is astonishing.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 4:30 pm

Kill sub deal, spare nation

No further proof is needed that the controversial submarine purchase deal with China that went ahead with secret cabinet approval has put the Prayut Chan-o-cha government in the hot seat.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 4:20 pm

Acts against free speech hinder unity

The story about 63-year-old Samart Kwanchai being acquitted of violating the 2016 Constitutional Referendum Act may not be big news this week, but it demonstrates why the current regime can't, and won't, achieve its goal of national reconciliation.

Posted on 27 April 2017 | 4:13 pm


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