L8(i) - 'gee' - How Many?

'gee' - is the Thai word for 'how many?' Note that this is pronounced with a hard 'g'. This quesion word is always used with a unit of measurement and placed before the unit of measurement.

A little more vocabulary:

yao long
met meters
kon person / people

Let's look at some of examples:

nee gee baht ? - how many baht is this?

som gee baht ? - how many baht are the oranges? When asking for prices you would normally only use this form for low cost items. If you were asking how much a television costs you would use 'tao rai' (how much).

nee yao gee met ? - how many meters long is this?

gee kon yoo tee bahn ? - how many people in the house?

When used as a negative it can mean 'not many'.

mai gee kon - not many people








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