L21 - Vocab Animals

Let's increase our vocabulary with a few common animal names. We have seen some of these words already but it never hurts to repeat them. The word for animal is sut and the word for zoo is suan sut.

Animals (sut)

bat kahng kaow
bear mee
buffalo kwai
cat mee-ow
cow wua
deer gwang
dog mah
elephant chang
goat pae
horse mah
lion sing-toe
monkey ling
mouse noo
pig moo
rabbit gra-dtai
rat noo nah
sheep gae
tiger seu-a
wolf mah pah
zebra mah-lai

Birds (nok)

bird nok
duck pet
chicken gai
heron nok gra-sah
owl nok hook
parrot nok gae-oh
penguin nok pen-gwin
turkey gai nguang

Insects & Bugs (ma-lairng)

ant mot
bee peung
butterfly pee seu-a
centipede dta-kahp
fly ma-lairng wan
grasshopper dtak-a-dtairn
millipede ging-geu
mosquito yoong
scorpion mairng porng
spider mairng moom
termite pluak

Reptiles & Amphibians (sut leuay klaan)

crocodile jarakay
frog gop
gecko dtook gair
lizard jing jok
snake ngoo
tortoise dtao
turtle dtao


crab boo
dolphin plah lo-ma
fish plah
jellyfish maeng ga-proon
lobster goong mang gorn
octopus plah murk yak
prawn goong
seahorse mah naam
shark chalahm
shellfish hoi
squid plah murk
whale plah wahn


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