L19 - Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. We have naturally covered quite a few adjectives in the previous lessons but lets quickly clarify how to use them. Here are a few example adjectives.

small lek
big yai
short (length) sun
long yaow
short (height) dtee-a
tall soong
light bao
heavy nak
slow cha
fast ray-oh
good dee
bad rai
happy dee-jai
sad sao-jai

The important thing to understand about adjectives is that you should place them after the noun they are describing.

bahn yai - big house

bahn lek - small house

mah cha - slow dog

rot yon ray-oh - fast car

If you look at the above examples you will see the adjective is attached to the noun. This is how it is often done in everyday speech and you will generally be understood. To be strictly correct, it is often better to attach the adjective to the noun's classifier.

koon somchai bpen kon dtee-a - Mr Somchai is a short person

koon steve bpen kon soong - Mr Steve is a tall person

So the top example could be more completely stated as:

bahn lung yai - big house


A common facet of the Thai language is repeating a word to add emphasis.

bahn yai yai - big big house


This repetition can also be used to turn an adjective into an adverb:

bpai cha cha - go slowly


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