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You want to watch the big match but UBC/TrueVisions have let you down again and are not covering it. At least it is on Thai TV but they haven't bought the English commentary. You can understand the Thai commentators when they say the player's names but it would be nice to know what else they are saying. Okay, they are not exactly insightful about the game but it is better than not knowing what they are saying.

football footborn
ball born
pitch sa-nahm
the goal bpra-too
team team
football player nak footborn
goalkeeper kon ruksah bpra-too
pass hai
shoot ying
save save
score a goal ying bpra-too
score a goal tam bpra-too
beat a player pahn
no one there mai mee krai
not arrive mai terng
waste / throw away ting
too slow cha gern bpai
out ork
start play pert
left sai
right kwah
win chana
lose pair
draw samerr
lead keun nam
referee gam-ma-gahn
offside lam nah
foul foul
handball handball
freekick freekick
yellow card bai luang
red card bai dairng
substitution bplian dtua



The goal. This is also the Thai word for 'door'.

kon ruksah bpra-too

Goalkeeper. This translates as the person who takes care of the goal.


Pass. This is also the Thai word for 'give'.


Shoot. Just like in English this is also the word they use for shoot a gun.


Beat a player. This is the Thai word for going passed something. It is not used for passing the ball but for going passed a player.

mai mee krai

No one there. You will here this one often. Every time a cross is knocked into the box and there is no one there to attack it.

mai terng

Not arrive. For passes that do not reach their intended destination.


Out. This is the word for 'leave'.


Start Play. This is the Thai word for 'open' and in football it is used for any method of bringing the ball into play, e.g. kick off, goal kicks, throw ins, corners.

bai luang / bai dairng

Yellow / Red Card. bai is the Thai classifier for pieces of paper or card. see luang is yellow and see dairng is red.

bplian dtua

A substitution. Literally 'change body '.






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