L17d - Food: Fruits

fruit pon-la-mai
apple airp-pen
banana glu-ay
canteloupe kairn-dtah-loop
coconut ma-praow
custard apple noi nah
dragon fruit gae-oh mang gorn
durian too-ree-an
grape a-ngoon
guava farang
jack fruit ka-noon
langsat long-korng
lemon ma-naow
lime ma-naow
longon lam-yai
lychee lin-chee
mango ma-muang
mangosteen mang-koot
olive ma-gork
orange som
papaya ma-la-gor
pear loook pair
pineapple sup-bpa-rot
pomello som-o
raisin loook gayt
rambutan ngor
rose apple cham-poo
sala sa-la
santol gra-torn
snake fruit ra-gam
strawberry sa-dtror-berr-ree
sugar apple noi nah
tamarind som jeen
watermelon dairng-mo

There is a fantastic range of fresh fruit to be found at Thailand's markets and shops. Many are easily recognisable but there are many others that new visitors to Thailand will probably have never seen before. For a description of some of the more distinctive ones take a look at our Thai Fruits page.







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