L17a - Food: General Terms

Let's start with some general food and eating terms.

food ah-hahn
eat tahn
eat gin (informal)
eat food tahn ah-hahn
eat food gin kaow (informal)
cook food tam gup kaow
restaurant rahn-ah-hahn
drink deum (verb)
vegetarian food ah-hahn jay
seafood ah-hahn talay
hungry hew kaow
thirsty hew naam
taste chim

Eat Food: We have mentioned 'gin kaow' in a previous lesson. 'gin' is pronounced with a hard 'g' not like the drink. This is an informal way to say 'eat food' and is a very widely used phrase. 'kaow' is the Thai word for rice but because rice is such an intrinsic part of the Thai diet, in this case it is being used as a general 'food'.

Restaurant: 'rahn' is the Thai word for 'shop'. Therefore the word 'rahn-ah-hahn' for restaurant is simply 'shop food'.

Drink: 'deum' is the verb 'to drink'. The closest equivalent to the English noun 'drink' is 'naam'. That is the Thai word for water but you can use it in a more general drinks sense: kor naam arai ? - what drink do you want?



spicy pet
sour bree-oh
salty kem
sweet wahn
bitter kom

These are the five flavours of Thai cooking. As soon as Thais start eating they will also start discussing the quality of the food. You will hear them discussing whether the food is too salty or not spicy enough, etc.

Cooking Methods

shallow fried pat
deep fried tort
boiled tom
steamed nurng
grilled yahng
baked op
raw dip





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