L9 - Numbers

Sometime early in your Thai language learning you will want to learn the number system. How can you barter at the market if you don't know how to say the prices?

The Thai number system is quite easy and logical.

one nurng
two sorng
three sahm
four see
five hah
six hok
seven jet
eight pairt
nine gao
ten sip
eleven sip et
twelve sip sorng
thirteen sip sahm
fourteen sip see
fifteen sip hah
twenty yee sip
twenty one yee sip et
twenty two yee sip sorng
twenty three yee sip sam
thirty sahm sip
thirty one sahm sip et
thirty two sahm sip sorng
thirty three sahm sip sahm
forty see sip
fifty hah sip
sixty hok sip
seventy jet sip
eighty pairt sip
ninety gao sip
hundred roy
hundred and one roy et
hundred and two roy sorng
hundred and three roy sahm
two hundred sorng roy
three hundred sahm roy
thousand pan
ten thousand murn
hundred thousand sairn
million lahn

First memorise 1 to 10.

From there on, there is a simple pattern with just two oddities:

You will see that 12 to 19 are formed by combining sip (10) and the digit, e.g. 12 is 'sip sorng' (10 + 2). The first oddity is that 11 is 'sip et' rather than 'sip nurng'. This is true throughout the rest of the system, e.g. 101 is 'roy et'.

Next you should see that 30 is 'sahm sip' (i.e. 3 * 10), forty is 'see sip' (4 * 10), etc. The exception is 20 which is 'yee sip' (often abbreviated to 'yip' in Phuket and southern Thailand).

The rest of the system follows the same logical pattern.

100 is 'roy'. You can also say 'nurng roy'.

200 is 'sorng roy'

Notice there is a seperate word for 10,000. You cannot say 'sip pan'. You must say 'murn'.

12,572 is 'murn, sorng pan, hah roy, jet sip sorng'

37,931 is 'sahm murn, jet pan, gao roy, sahm sip et'

125,799 is 'nurng sairn, sorng murn, hah pan, jet roy, gao sip gao'




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