L8(j) - 'reu yung' - Or Yet?

'reu yung' - this question form translates as 'or yet?' It is similar to 'reu bplao' we saw in the previous lesson but this question has the implication that it is something that either has happened already or definitely will happen. It always comes at the end of the sentence.

A little more vocabulary:

yung yet
kaow rice
gin kaow eat rice (eat food)

There is one example of this question form you will hear again and again:

gin kaow reu yung ?' - have you eaten or yet?

It is one of those common Thai conversation openers. Eating is such a central part of Thai life that this is often the first thing Thais want to know. If you haven't eaten you will likely be invited to eat.

gin kaow - we have already seen 'gin' for eat. 'kaow' is the word for rice. Rice is such an integral part of the Thai diet that the phrase 'gin kaow' is actually used as a general term for 'eat food'.

The standard responses to this question are:

gin kaow lae-oh krup - eaten food already
yung krup - not yet









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