L8(d) - 'krai' - Who?

'krai' - is the Thai word for 'who'. Unlike most Thai question words, this one is usually placed at the start of a question.

New vocabulary:

gin eat
(note it is a hard 'g', not like the drink)
som-tam papaya salad

Let's look at some of examples:

krai tam ? - who did it?

krai gin som-tam ? - who is eating papaya salad?

krai yoo tee bahn ? - who is in the house?


Again we have the slightly confusing change of usage when this word is not used as a question. Then it can become 'nobody' or 'anybody'.

'mai mee krai' - Nobody or don't have anybody. Literally 'don't have who.'

'mai ao krai bpai' - I don't want anybody to go.










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