L8(c) - 'tammai' - Why?

'tammai' - is the Thai word for 'why'. It is actually a combination of the word 'tam' (to do or make) and the question word 'mai'. Like most Thai question words, it usually comes at the end of a sentence but this one can also come at the start.

New vocabulary:

yim smile

Let's look at some examples:

bpai tammai ? - why are you going?

yim tammai ? - why are you smiling?

tammai yim ? - why are you smiling?

As you can see, in some cases it is possible to put the question word 'tammai' at the start of the question and it still makes sense.

'mai mee tammai ?' - no reason. Literally 'don't have why' but a better translation is 'no reason'.










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