Krabi Fishing Park

Published: 22nd October 2008Author: Know Phuket

Update Dec 2012 - Please note this park has closed!

Phuket has plenty to offer for those that like fishing. You can charter a boat and head out to sea to catch some big game, or at least some tuna. You can cast a line from the rocky headlands along the coast or from Sarasin Bridge. There are also several lakes around the island where you can do some freshwater fishing.

Krabi Fishing Park is surrounded by palms and has a small restaurantFor those looking for something a little different or an excuse to get off the island, there is another option only two hours drive from central Phuket – Krabi Fishing Park.

There are so few signs pointing to this place that it almost feels like they are keeping it a secret. In fact, without a very good idea of where to look, you would probably never find it. This is a great location for those who like to get away from it all. The fishing park is set in beautiful surroundings just a few kilometers north of Krabi Town. They even have a few bungalows that you can rent for the night.

The small lake is at the base of one of the many limestone cliffs that dot the region. In the distance, you can see several more of these beautiful limestone outcrops. The park has several species of palm tree surrounding the lake. There are pagodas all around the lake where you can set up base for your day fishing.

Krabi Fishing Park is in a scenic location at the foot of a limestone cliffThe park has a small restaurant. The friendly staff will provide all your refreshment needs while you enjoy the peaceful surroundings. There is no need to get up. They will deliver your beer by motorbike.

The lake is teeming with carp, tilapia and catfish. You can bring your own fishing gear or you can hire a simple rod from the park. These are simple bamboo canes with a line strung to the end. They do work but you will have a better chance of catching something with your own gear.

You can take your catch home at a charge of 50-baht per fish. Alternatively, eat it by the lake. The very capable cooking staff at the restaurant will cook your catch how you want it at a very reasonable price per kilogram. And if you don’t catch anything? Well the restaurant will be happy to cook you a nice fresh fish anyway so at least you won’t go hungry.

The lake is teeming with carp, tilapia and catfishAs the afternoon passed on our trip to the park, it seemed like the fish were not biting. Finally, the small Thai family in the pagoda next to us got a bite. They pulled in a lively 1-kilogram catfish. On the other side of the lake, we could see a western man was also beginning to have some success. He must have found a good spot because every ten-minutes or so he was pulling in small tilapia. Finally, we got a bite of our own. It was a healthy size carp.

You can rent a bungalow at the park for just a few hundred baht a night. It is simple accommodation in a small plantation of rubber trees, overlooking a stream. They do not have television or hot water but there is air-con and running water. A pleasant balcony overlooks a small stream. If you look long enough, you eventually start to notice the shadows of large carp and tilapia passing by. You can dangle your fishing line into the water, put your feet up and enjoy a cold beer.

As darkness falls, you notice it really is a remote location. The only lights you can see across the countryside come from a single shack in a field. This really is a great place to wind down and enjoy a few cold beers.

How to Get There from Phuket

Drive towards Krabi along route 4. Enjoy the scenery as you cruise through Phang Nga and Ao Luk. Just a little after the 12km sign to Krabi, you will see a small golf driving range on the right. Almost immediately after is the left hand turn to Krabi Fishing Park. The sign is in Thai so you will have to trust us. A short way down this road is a left hand turn, signposted to the fishing park.


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