Karon Beach Makes for a Wonderful Vacation on Phuket Island

Published: 28th Sep 2008Author: Valerie Mellema

Karon Beach, itself makes for a wonderful vacation on Phuket Island. However, there are a number of things that you can do while on your trip that expands past the main stretch of beach where you can enjoy the clean, white sand and many facilities and activities.

The attractions are among some of the favorite aspects of Karon Beach. In or around the area you will find Karon Circle, the Kata view point, and even the Dino Park Mini Golf facility. Karon Circle allows visitors to view a commemorative sculpture of workers in the tin-mining and agricultural industries located at the north end of the area. Similarly, any Bond fans can take a boat ride to the location where The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed.

Karon Beach also has a number of street side vendors and shopping opportunities. These street side vendors will often sell traditional Thai silks, sarongs, and handicraft. Depending on how far you travel, you may even find remarkable artists that offer hand-painted replicas of some of the most famous masterpieces. Original artwork, however, can be purchased through the artist community, where you can find a small group of talented Thai artists that live and work in a complex of huts, art galleries, and pubs.

Once you are ready to eat, you can either dine at the restaurants within your resort or try one of the many, safe Karon Beach restaurants located throughout the area. Some of the more popular include On the Rock, which provides top-notch seafood and a wonderful view of Karon Beach, Karon Café Inn and Restaurant, and Old Siam, where you can enjoy traditional seating and local musicians. The Kontai Pub and Seafood restaurant is popular with locals and a great place to mingle and interact. There are also some other bars and clubs that you can visit for a taste of the nightlife.

If you are looking for reservations on Karon Beach, you can find everything from luxury to budget accommodations that will work just right for your stay. No matter what type of place you pick for your vacation, the beauty of Karon Beach is sure to make it a memorable trip.




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