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Published: 25th Sep 2008Author: Valerie Mellema

Kata Beach is just south of Karon Beach. However, Kata Beach itself is often divided into two groups, Kata Yai and Kata Noi. While both offer an amazing view and a relaxed atmosphere, each one provides something slightly different for guests, which should be checked or researched by prior to making your travel plans.

Kata Yai is the larger of the two beaches. With Koh Pu (Pu Island) located at the northern end, you will often find a very picturesque view. In addition, much of the beach is bordered by a road. Some of the southern half of the beach also has a few resorts right on the beach. One of those resorts is Club Med, which occupies a majority of the land behind the beach road as it goes toward the northern end of the beach. This is the perfect location for the resort and assists in keeping that end of the beach fairly quiet.

Thanks to its size, which is quite small, Kata Beach has a warm feeling about it that is wonderful for families. Divided among Kata Centre, Kata Yai and Kata Noi, you will find a number of shops, restaurants, and attractions. For many people, Kata represents the best compromise between the hectic pace of Patong and some of the quieter beaches on Phuket.

The other half of Kata Beach is Kata Noi. Kata Noi only offers a few hotels, with one of the largest being the Kata Thani Hotel. For many people, the fact that the beach is wonderful and that there has only been a little development is incentive enough to go.

In addition to the different beaches and locations on Kata Beach, there are also a number of activities which you can enjoy during your stay. One of the most popular, of course, is the water sports and activities. The bay surrounding Kata Beach provides a great place for sailing, although all activities from surfing to snorkeling are quite popular in the area.

Unlike other locations around Phuket Island, Kata Beach offers the perfect destination for your family vacation. With enough quite areas that you can spend some time together and plenty of activities for you to enjoy as a family, the only thing left to do is book your accommodations.




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